About the Hostel and Neukölln:

The Hostel


Who are we?

We are the hostel in Berlin that offers you the best experience, the most comfortable rooms and the most convenient location. We’re pioneers in our neighbourhood, Berlin Neukolln, with links to local businesses and tour guides and discounts for the same. We can offer you unparalleled local knowledge for both relaxed days of sightseeing and going off the beaten track, as well as evenings out in nighttime Berlin, the world’s most famous partying destination. We provide for you the peace and quiet of our spacious rooms when you need it, as well as a beautiful outdoor area to have a few drinks in and make your plans for the evening.
We’re perched right on the doorstep of the city’s fantastic Kreuzberg district, with its teeming collection of interesting bars and quirky shops and cafes. We’re in the centre of the Kreuzkölln area (Kreuzberg and Neukölln) and as such are surrounded by the stunning Eastern European architecture of Neukolln and the hip hub of Kreuzberg. We’re the only hostel that can claim to be just a stone’s throw away from the landmark sights of Tempelhofer Feld, the Eastside Gallery and the last vestiges of the Berlin Wall, and the highly rated restaurants and bars of Oranienstrasse.
Berlin is unique in its massive variation of places to go and things to do, and we feel our hostel represents the same values. Being on the doorstep of a well-connected central U-Bahn station in Berlin’s coolest neighbourhood means that we offer quick and easy access to all of Berlin’s famous attractions, as well as to many that you won’t find in the guide books. So come stay with us, if you’re after an awesomely comfortable and immaculately clean hostel that is as adept as the city of Berlin itself at providing you, traveller, with anything that you need to make your time here perfect. If you’re after a high quality hostel with helpful staff and a great atmosphere, look no further than us. We can’t wait to meet you !


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About Neukölln

We couldn’t be prouder to be the flagship hostel based in Berlin’s up-and-coming Neukolln district, billed by many as the new Kreuzberg. A central district with the feel of its gothic past written on its stunning architecture and tree-lined boulevards, Berlin Neukölln marries the old and the new, the East and the West, in a way unlike any other neighbourhood. From the redbrick churches to the abundance of local parks, the spacious streets to the grand architecture of the houses, Neukölln shines through its legacy as an area that has retained much of its pre-war beauty.
Seen as a poor neighbourhood with few prospects up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, only recently have people begun to recognise the huge potential that the area holds, with its beautiful buildings, its proximity to the city’s main attractions and museums and its unique array of cheap shops, markets, bars and restaurants. There is no better base to work from than the fantastically interesting-looking and cost effective area of Neukölln, while remaining in the centre of Berlin. People from all walks of life rub shoulders here, and its variety has led to an abundance of hidden treasures that only those who live in the area know about.
So why not come and explore a neighbourhood in rapid ascendancy? Neukölln offers the same hip vibe as its sister, Kreuzberg, while retaining an honesty about itself that the rest of Berlin can’t quite match. Neukolln is New York in the 80’s, a pumping metropolis that feels as full of energy and potential as anywhere you’ll ever visit. Neukölln is the coolest part of town, in the coolest city in the world. It mixes together the best of Berlin: Its multiculturalism, its fascinating history and its status as the home of the nouveau trendy make it so much more than just a place to stay. Don’t take my word for it though – come find out yourself ! We look forward to helping you in every way possible with your adventure when you do.